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How To Train Your Mind To Overcome Hunger, Appetite And Cravings


Train your mind to control hunger with scientifically tested, meditation and psychotherapy techniques.

Simply listen in the morning and evening on any device. Test drive The Hunger Hack with a 14-day money back guarantee.



Your New Superpower

Control Hunger 

Gain control over and manage the sensation of hunger in your body.

Curb Your Appetite 

Reduce and control your desire to eat: choose, when what and how you eat.  

Crush Cravings 

Overcome “artificial” hunger and cravings caused by addictive sugary, salty, and high-fat food.

What will you do with your new superpower?

  • Easily reduce calories 
  • Control portion sizes 
  • Overcome eating disorders 
  • Drop excess weight 
  • Say NO to unhealthy foods 
  • Say YES to healthy foods  

Simply listen in the morning and evening on any device. Test drive The Hunger Hack with a 14-day money back guarantee



How Does it Work? 

Although our bodies play a role, controlling hunger mostly comes down to what’s happening in our brain.

The Three Dimensions Of Hunger 

Real Hunger 

  • When we’re hungry, the hormone ghrelin is produced 
  • This signals to the brain that we need to eat 
  • This creates the physical sensation of hunger 
  • Which isn’t fixed, and is possible to reduce and control 

Artificial Hunger 

  • Modern, processed foods are highly addictive
  • This creates cravings for sugar, salt, fat, and flavor
  • Which releases the feel-good hormone dopamine in our brain 
  • In turn, reinforcing our desire and dependence on these foods 

Mental Hunger 

  • Overtime, we develop bad eating habits such as snacking or impulse eating 
  • In addition to food disorders such as binge or emotional eating 
  • How we think, our beliefs, and our self-image all contribute to this cycle
  • Eventually, our relationship with food and emotional associations become damaged 

Your Hunger Hacking Journey

What is it? 

The Hunger Hack Audio Program trains your mind to overcome hunger by  leveraging cutting edge techniques from meditation and psychotherapy practices. 

How do I use it? 

Download and listen to the audio program in the morning and evening for 10-20 minutes. You can listen on your iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, or any other device. 

Level 1: Beginner Hunger Hacker (0-2 weeks)  

Your cravings and desire for unhealthy foods will start to decrease. You will begin turning down unhealthier foods and reducing portion sizes. 

Level 2: Intermediate Hunger Hacker (2-4 weeks) 

You will begin to gain a better awareness of your eating habits and disorders: Gaining the ability to break thought and behavior loops that lead to unhealthy eating.

Level 3: Advanced Hunger Hacker (4-6 weeks) 

You will now be able to significantly reduce unhealthy foods. You will have developed a strong desire to eat healthily, cravings will be minimal, and portion sizes will be under control. 

Level 4: Master Hunger Hacker (6-8) weeks 

You will now have full control over hunger. You can skip meals, fast for a whole day, and significantly reduce calories. Your desire for unhealthy foods will be minimal and you will be able to easily drop excess weight. 

Train Your Mind To Master Hunger 

Because the problem of hunger is in the brain, we have to train our mind to gain control over the three dimensions of hunger. 

The Hunger Hack does this for you by leveraging cutting-edge, scientifically tested techniques from meditation and psychotherapy practices. 

Willpower Development

Decision Intent - Strengthen your moment to moment decision making so you can easily say “no”. 

Power Coaching - Develop the confidence and resilience to overcome any obstacles in your way. 

Power Thinking - Gain control over your internal dialogue to keep tempting thought processes at bay. 

Pattern Interruption

Psychoanalysis - Develop an understanding of any bad habits, food addictions, and disorders you may have.  

Mindfulness - Become aware in the moment of the effect hunger and cravings have so you can deal with them appropriately.  

Anchors - Break free from destructive thoughts and behavior loops that lead to bad eating habits.

Positive Reprogramming 

Recreating the self-image - Create a new healthy identity and self-image of yourself.

Healthy Associations - Learn to physically love and “crave” healthy foods.

Compassion Coaching - Overcome any emotional blocks that lead to comfort and emotional eating. 

Negative Reprogramming 

Aversion Therapy - Understand the true nature of unhealthy foods to train your mind to stop desiring these foods.

Destructing the self-image - Destroy the harmful shackles of your old identity, habits and self-image.

Cognitive Distortions - Free yourself of harmful and limiting beliefs that keep you from becoming healthy. 

Ready for your new superpower? Simply listen in the morning and evening on any device. Test drive The Hunger Hack with a 14-day money back guarantee.

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Why use The Hunger Hack?

A simple to use audio program - listen in the morning and evening each day for 10-20 minutes.

Listen on your smartphone, computer, or any other device.

In the short term, you will start developing the ability to control your appetite and cravings.

Over time, you will gain full power over hunger, even gaining the ability to go a whole day without eating.

Use your new superpower to reduce calories, control portion sizes and drop excess weight as you desire. 

Join Thousands Of Hunger Hackers 

"I couldn’t believe I could actually do it...but I did. I still have some cravings here and there but for the most part, it’s under control! It feels like I'm finally free!"

Patricia, Utah

"I NEVER write reviews but OMG. This just works. I’ve practiced meditation before but I never knew it could be used to control hunger - who would have guessed the answer was right before me all this time…"

 Samantha, Colorado 

"Having struggled with eating disorders for practically all my life, I can honestly say this is the first time I feel optimistic. Still, a while to go, but I have a really good feeling about this."

Chrissy, California 

Test Drive Your New Superpower 

Simply listen in the morning and evening on any device. Test drive The Hunger Hack with a 14-day money back guarantee.

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